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Bill Gordon


Music learning can be a slow, mysterious path. It embraces and abandons, seemingly capriciously. It is wonderful and humbling, stretching an entire universe of heart, body and mind. The rewards are worth every moment we put into it.

As a private music teacher, my door is open to anyone with a love for music who can commit to a bit of daily practice: kids, teenagers and adults; beginners, advanced and aspiring professionals all are welcome. Classes are tailored to the specific needs and desires of the student, and are a blend of serious work and fun.

Specializing in piano, composition and songwriting, I usually give students a comprehensive music education, including ear training, playing by ear, music structure (a.k.a. theory) and sight-reading. These are presented as integrated, not separate subjects. I'm also happy to work with players of any instrument on any facet of music - a full program isn't necessary for someone who wants to learn about chords in order to write better songs.

I also enjoy teaching singer/songwriters about chords, lyrics, effective accompaniment, recording preparation, and overall performance, whether they’re writing for themselves or venturing into the music industry.


And I mentor people through the music business maze. 

My approach to piano technique — how to physically engage with the instrument — is based on anatomically sensible methods adopted by a majority of pianists over the past generation. In addition, I teach pragmatic practice skills so students gain enjoyment and success reasonably quickly.  

It’s very satisfying to use my experience to help students take flight on their own music wings.

Piano Lessons
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