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Bill Gordon Jazz Pianist


Bill Gordon

“I WANT MY MONEY BACK...not from you, but from the 2 semesters of fundamental

music theory and 4 semesters of intermediate theory that I sometimes struggled with in

college. I LOVE this book!"  Patti Ruth, Dallas

If you need to know how to find the right chord for your song, want theory explained in a crystal clear way, or need a crash course in notation, get this book. Thank you, Bill!

Bethany Rubin – Los Angeles

Bill Gordon Music Composer
It's Music, Not Theory, Damn It!

A Do-It-Yourself textbook about the structure of music.


Official music textbook of SAE Institute U.S. campuses 

Music theory?  No such thing.  Let It's Music, Not Theory, Damn It!  and companion online ear training course prove it.  Skip the brain-numbing clutter found in music theory books and jump directly into the inner workings of music.  Written for songwriters, musicians, and aspiring producers at SAE Institute media school, this DIY book and three-hour audio course (included in the price!) deliver just what you need.


The approach is clear, accurate, and fun. Never dumbed down.  From basics of pitch and rhythm, through scales and melody, to chords, chord progression and song analysis, this book shows lovers of music there’s nothing theoretical about this magical art, presenting the architecture and structure of music in a pragmatic, practical, humorous way that can be put to immediate use by beginners, pros, or the simply curious.

Those of you who have purchased It's Music, Not Theory, Damn It! can access the audio course at no extra charge. You'll find instructions for how to stream it on page 2.
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Download the ebook and Audio Book:



Ear Training Audio Download

(supplement to It's Music, Not Theory, Damn It!

Music, No Theory  $49.99 Video Course





An excellent reinforcement for the Music, No Theory book, this video course focuses on the foundations of music. Where do melodies, chords and bass lines come from and how are they used to make great songs? Music, No Theory is an interactive music-making course for musicians, songwriters, performers and producers at all levels.


Music, No Theory teaches you the skills you need to break down any song into its fundamentals, and how to use that knowledge to create your own music in any genre. Throughout the course, we start by examining simple songs, gradually progressing to the more advanced. Watch and learn from legendary pianist and composer Bill Gordon as he breaks down songs to reveal their hidden structures.


Music, No Theory is practical and immediately useful, presented without the tired dreariness of most music "theory" courses. Learn music with your ears, hands and heart - and without reading music! After taking this course, you'll understand the musical elements that make great songs great, and how to apply those insights to your own music.

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