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Private Study Testimonials

"Bill Gordon teaches with incomparable clarity and simplicity, and is the best teacher I've ever had. We worked on all sorts of music styles. Sometimes I would show him a piece I was writing and he would help me embellish it; I found this very helpful. I loved the often unstructured nature of our classes so we could focus precisely on what I was trying to learn at that moment. I've had many conventional teachers who covered only very basic ideas and never got into the philosophy or deeper creativity of the art. Bill’s classes served me very well, and I’m forever thankful.”

Matthew Postrel, Miami

“When I first began piano lessons with Bill Gordon, I didn’t realize how much it would shape me as a musician and person. I started with just the desire to play piano and a willingness to learn. Now a little over 3 years later I have reached levels of musicianship I never could have imagined all thanks to Bill. He managed to explain the complexities and nuances of music in clear, understandable language while making sure to illustrate proper techniques. He was able to design the curriculum around what I wanted to learn while maintaining a holistic approach, making sure I still learned all the fundamentals to be a great player. I learned classical, jazz, ragtime and everything in between with his guidance and insight. His teaching style creates a fun and comfortable atmosphere while still challenging you to do your best. All in all, I couldn’t ask for a better teacher and I absolutely recommend Bill Gordon to anyone interested in studying piano!” Daniel Abruña, Miami

Bill Gordon taught me many things in the field of music. Without him, I would be lost in music class and band at school. I learned different things about piano playing, reading music, and especially understanding music, which has helped me greatly since I currently play French horn and sometimes trumpet. Bill has a great way of teaching, and I even had my own little book to write down what to practice! Granted, I was 11 years old at the time, which meant that I didn't really understand the importance of practicing too well, but I still learned many skills during our classes. Bill taught me not only classical music, but also songs from different bands. Bill was always patient when I made mistakes, and helped me to correct them. Overall, Bill was a great teacher and taught me many things that I will use later in life, including how to practice. Jonah Bennett, 13 years old, Miami

“Bill Gordon is a master teacher of piano.  With his relaxed manner, he guides his students deeper and deeper into the magical world of music.  He is intensely devoted to each student, regardless of level, and patiently encourages them to develop their own individual style.   There is no dry theory or isolated technique in his classes; his is approach involves ears, heart, hands, breath - the whole being.  I came to Bill as an older adult beginner, and had the great fortune of studying with him for several years before he relocated.  I still marvel at all I learned from him that informs and inspires my piano playing.” Candace Jean, Miami

“Working with Bill Gordon was a great experience for many reasons.  He showed interest and passion in the music I was making. He always adjusted his classes to help me make my music better, and was able to detect what I needed to work on right away. We did a lot on ear training, which made me a much better producer over the years.  He also adjusted his ways of explaining music scales in order for me to understand, as I was not very experienced in this domain.  Bill also helped me make key business decisions when needed.  Working with Bill Gordon will give you a variety of options to getting where you want to be in the musically and in the industry thanks to his knowledge and experience.”  Romain Fautre, Miami

“I first started lessons with Bill some twenty-five years ago, an adult learner looking for enjoyment through piano music.  I’m astonished at how much I vividly remember of those days, the comments he would make almost in passing, and throughout it all the patiently teaching me chord structure.  Now, fast forward twenty-five years and I’m delighted to be working with him again.  The patience has if anything deepened, as has his remarkable skill and willingness to pick up a lesson topic from anywhere in order to impart the most value for the hour if I’ve had little time to play.  In this last year we’ve worked on everything from expressiveness in Beethoven sonatas to treacherous rhythms in Debussy to improvisation in a blues to color tones in diatonic seventh chords to solfege of nursery rhymes, all reinforced with humor and clarity of purpose.  His astonishing ability to combine musical skills ranging from careful fingering mechanics to practical suggestions for learning chords by ear make him a uniquely qualified teacher for adults or the young.  Each lesson is indeed a delight.”  Eric Anderson, Seattle


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