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Workshop Testimonials


"I am pleased to recommend Mr. Bill Gordon as an instructor in the field of music composition and the music business. Bill has developed and taught several workshops for our AudioWorks program here at the Sheffield Institute over the last few years.  He brings an energy and enthusiasm to the classroom that is infectious. He makes learning fun. His workshops are filled with pertinent and practical information, presented in a way that is relatable and easily digestible. Bill has taken the time to get to know our program and students and has custom tailored his workshop to fit our Institute's values, vision and working style.  We've received nothing but positive feedback from our students concerning the workshops that he has developed and presented here at Sheffield. Because of this, we have worked with Bill to present a new workshop on the music business that is geared towards professionals working in music production.  As an AudioWorks instructor, Director of the Sheffield Institute and Audio Engineer with nearly twenty years of local, national and international recording and mixing credits, my experience tells me one thing – Bill Gordon would be a true asset to any organization."  Jacob Mossman, Director, The Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, Baltimore

"I have known Bill Gordon for twenty years; I’ve become a friend of his through our business relationship over those last two decades.  I choose my friends carefully. I’ve watched Bill grow from being an extremely talented musician into a world-class expert on the business side of the music industry.  He has taken every possible opportunity to learn about composing and pitching music for media.  He has become successful in placing his music in films and TV shows and developing his relationships with publishers because of his relentless efforts to learn every possible thing he could about our industry. I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking at some of the classes Bill taught at SAE Institute in Miami, and frankly, I was amazed by how his students felt about him: they respected him so much that they were not only willing to learn from him, but would also follow him into battle -   they looked at him as a leader. Bill Gordon is the kind of person from whom any organization or individual would benefit greatly, as colleague, teacher or mentor."  Michael Laskow, Founder, TAXI Independent A&R, Los Angeles


“Bill Gordon is fantastic instructor who understands how to keep students’ attention, and is able to break down difficult topics into easily digestible segments. Student were always asking “When will Bill be back?” because they enjoyed his classes so much. He took his instructor position very seriously and was always developing his material to better fit the needs of our students and changes within the music industry.”

David Andris, Audio Technology Department Chair, SAE Institute, Miami


“Bill Gordon has been giving his Wrestle Any Song to the Ground workshop here since 2009.  Students have always been overjoyed by the material and delivery.  He is truly a pleasure to have on campus, and learners have specifically requested more workshops by him after having been to one or through word-of-mouth.  I would not hesitate to recommend Bill for any teaching or workshop position.”  Bridget Gardiner, Campus Director,  Ex'pression College San Jose and SAE Los Angeles, 2008-2015



“I’ve had the pleasure of attending several classes with Bill Gordon, and always left feeling like I was learning from a master! I’ve also had the pleasure of co-teaching with him on music industry related topic on songwriting, music production, music history and music evaluation. Bill harnesses decades of professional experience as both performer and writer, and teaches in a manner that encourages attendees to engage.  Bill is gifted in taking complex and often misunderstood music topics and teaching them in a simple way that even music novices can comprehend.  Above and beyond his musical expertise, Bill has a charming personality that is genuine and humble. I would highly recommend Bill without hesitation to lead, teach, mentor, and instruct from entry level to master classes.”  James Kocian, pro songwriter/producer


"Bill's It's Music, Not Theory, Damn It! workshop was extremely informative, the learners gained a lot of practical knowledge, and were able to apply it instantly. He delivers knowledge in such an engaging method and format, the learners were transfixed! Bill has a real ability to engage students and provoke meaningful, enjoyable discussion about music structure and its emotional impact."  Elliot Tordoff, Director of Education, SAE Institute, San Jose 



“Bill Gordon’s music classes are highly motivating and dynamic. He introduces music concepts in a relentless suite of teaching technics, offering his students an interactive learning experience. His classroom is a stage, getting even the shyest student to participate enthusiastically. Bill demystifies the common belief of music theory being tedious and exclusive to schooled musicians.  His workshops and courses take place in an atmosphere of respect, and are adjusted to each student’s potential, making it well suited for aspiring musicians, producers and audio engineers.” Wesslie Pendola, engineer & producer, Los Angeles



"Bill Gordon presents incredible workshops on every aspect of songwriting. I was lucky to experience his workshop Wrestle Any Song to the Ground and it was exactly what I hoped. As a teacher I thought his method was phenomenal and quite engaging. I most liked the chance to play songs for Bill and talk through the chords and progression, and have a chance to experiment with his suggestions on the fly. I would highly recommend Bill's workshops to any individual or group looking to improves themselves as songwriters."  Tony K. Roulhac, songwriter, Baltimore


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